So What's New?

Well guys, I've been having a blast lately. I've moved. Acquired a GRREAT roommate, who is an old friend from way back. I've gotten a new cat, Newton, and I'm a godmother to my roommate's new dog Ted! My roommate and i are also petsitting a friends cat, Leah, for the summer. I've got a new job and although it is a lot of work the challenge can be fun. I plan to go back to school in August and study who knows what.... I'm thinking about Hotel Management, I've got lots of experience in that field or possibly automobile mechanics (hehehe). Its all something to think about. I've been reading alot and have really enjoyed all the time I've gotten to spend at the lake. Everyone needs to have their "me" time. So check out the pictures below, see whats new, and drop me a line!! As always click on picture for a larger version

This is my roommate Mandi, holding my precious little Newton.
This is my lovely little Newton, champion D.P.K.
Meet Ted, my roommates lovely dog.
And this is our "extra kitty for the summer", Leah.